This story has scared the life out of me for years, and believe me I have heard a lot of ghost stories.. Published to amateur and expert writers at storywrite. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and. No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay! No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story. NoBeechmount-True-Ghost-Story. Item Ended Photos not available for .

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Cecilia sat at the table, watching dad and Mum was in the Kitchen. Sign in for more lists. It is said that the girl had drowned herself after hearing that the boy whom she had planned to marry had been killed in an accident in Scotland where he had gone to work to earn the marriage money. The priest was knocked down the stairs and as they got him out of the house the laughter continued. Later, when she arrived in Coventry for the funeral, she learned to her amazement that Tom had died at 4.

Pacific Ocean BlueJan 14, Sep 10, Heechmount I am interested in 91 Beechmount Parade, Belfast. Feb 17, Messages: May 4, Heechmount Please contact me to reserve your copy today.

I never really had a strong view on this one way or another. Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom. Personally I think the paranormal is mince. She just glanced at the foot of the stairs and there stood her favourite brother, Tom, who lived in Coventry, England, he looked well and happy and smiled in a most pleasant way at her.


She consulted the priest who said that he would do a blessing of the house. James Randi Educational Foundation. Airdrie OnionJan 14, One night Molly turned up and found another note, this one was in answer to one that she had left a day before, in which she had told the young man that she was going to have his child.


Further benefits to this amazing property are Oil fired central heating and PVC double glazing throughout. Again – no way the kid could have known. There are many stories of the ghost of habit, for instance, the old gas street lamplighter who for many years dutifully patrolled the streets of the old Pound Loney area beechmount and turning off the street lights at the appropriate times. Please check you have entered all details correctly: No additional import charges on delivery.

Lazycame beechmounf, Jan 14, I prefer to keep an open mind now.

91 Beechmount Parade, Belfast

His wife found him passed out in the hall when she came back and rang an ambulance. Jan 16, Messages: A mattress being thrown off a bed while a witness is still on it. She named a particular place I can’t remember where exactly and her parents recognised the name of the place, and it turned out this was one of the worst places to be affected by The Famine.

Upstairs this property boasts three good bedrooms all of which are fitted with carpet and modern bathroom in three piece suite with shower over bath, tiled throughout. Most hauntings refer to haunted places Poltergeists have beechomunt described as haunted people.


A Belfast Ghost Story

She was never to get a happy ending as he killed her and then was put into prison. This elderly man is said to just stand there motionless with a sad look on his face.

Apparently kids are more open minded and innocent than adults so its easier for them to see things like this Fishermen often saw the light over the sea only to learn later that a boat would sink at that exact spot where they had seen the Ghostlight. Boruc, Maloney Fav Celtic Song: Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, Messages: Her ghost has been often given lifts by passing motorists who stopped and let her into their cars after seeing her standing at the side of the motorway.

The old Mountain Loney, now called Whiterock Road, has a ghost beechmoynt with a difference, for those who some years ago claim to have seen the ghost say they were not frightened but were left with a deep sorrow. Home Help Login Register.

Another famous ghost is that of the young nurse who was geechmount in an accident on the Ml some years ago. Sorry, I don’t know anything about this book. One day as the husband walked along on the landing he heard a noise from behind him.