In our examination of the teaching in the New Testament on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ we have discovered the great prominence of this doctrine. Born in Germany on August 27, , A. C. Gaebelein emigrated to the United States in to avoid compulsory military service and to experience the. The Psalms: An Exposition [Arno C. (A C) Gaebelein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Arno C. Gaebelein

You will have the option to either open it or to save it to your computer. Many commentators teach that verses 29 and 30 mean His coming in the destruction of Jerusalem. To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient contact form.

Gaebelein, whose oral teaching is so abundantly owned and blessed of GOD, has, in this volume f interpretative study, extended the sphere of his ministry to multitudes that may never come within range of the hearing of his voice. Gaebelein passionately proclaimed the prophetic truths of the Bible and daily lived with the hope of their fulfillment.

Perhaps in His infinite mercy He may still tarry to add more members to His Body, His own fullness, which filleth all in all” quoted in Arno C. We look at the approaching storm precipitating all into an abyss of hopelessness. The Jew is not a Gentile. He immersed himself in Jewish culture and Hebrew and was soon writing religious literature in Yiddish and Hebrew.

The present age remains unchanged till He returns. Thus in that day when He descends in the cloud every eye will behold Him. Through contacts with men such as James H. Title Size Kb The New Testament teaches that not Christ, but Satan, is the god of this age and the prince of it. While many American religious leaders denied or ignored contemporary reports of extermination, Gaebelein repeatedly reported Jewish conditions.


Rewards and crowns will be bestowed upon those who were faithful. The reason why our Lord said nothing about tribulation to His disciples in the upper room when He gqebelein mentioned “that blessed hope,” is because the true Church has nothing whatever to do with that period of time. The suffering Saints gaebe,ein the great tribulation are Jews. Here the Old and New Testament revelations as to this event, what precedes and what follows His return, are all restated.

He was a prominent teacher and conference speaker. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

Retrieved 13 December That One is the Holy Spirit. Views Read Edit View history.

Bible Commentaries

The Epistles speak of His glorious appearing [with power] Titus 2: This to us clearly follows from these Scriptual considerations: This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Fundamentalism and American Culture. And he said “I will come again. Enter query in the box below. It is therefore called “the comforting hope. Abraham — the Divine pattern of the true Jew, as well as of the believing Gentile, Rom. Satan is not dethroned till Christ comes again.

Zionism is not the fulfillment of the large number of predictions found in the Old Testament Scriptures, which relates to Israel’s return to the land. It was given to the Apostle Paul to receive the full revelation concerning “that blessed, hope” See again 1 Thess. In andGaebelein rejoiced in Hitler’s demise but was greatly grieved over the Holocaust.


In he wrote: Many religious leaders thought that Gaebelein was “way off” when he stated that God would regather the Jews back and Israel would once again become a nation before the end times. The blessed hope becomes therefore a great incentive to holy living and untiring, self-sacrificing service.

This also is taught by many.

An Exposition on the Acts – Arno Gaebelein –

This is found in John For more than half a century evangelist, author, journalist, and Bible expositor Arno C. In the s, the dangers of Communism gave way to the threat of Nazism, which Gaebelein abhorred. He closely watched the events of the war and when Jerusalem was captured by British forces, he claimed it as the most significant event gebelein This power gxebelein glory is prominently revealed in the Apocalypse.

Others will be ashamed before Him in His presence and will be crownless, though saved as by fire. It appeared to me a grand opportunity to show to them the practical side of Christianity” Half a Century, Even in the presence of His accusers Haebelein mentioned His return in the clouds of heaven. Jesus has not surrendered or forfeited His distinctive claim to the throne of His Jewish ancestor, David, by ascending on high and becoming the glorified Head of His body, the church.