I am developing an Invoice using Smartforms. The business requirements says we must be able to print the document from SAP or send a data file to our print. I am taking the customer number on a selection screen and then based on that customer number, Smart form OTF to PDF conversion, ABAP. CONVERT_OTF documentation and pattern details for this standard SAP ABAP Function module.

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Transform SAP OTF or ABAP data to AFP

Hi Amitha Nice artical How to send alv report output to email i excel format. Sequence of numeric characters.

Special Features A major advantage of the Compart filter is that it supports Unicode and barcode, meaning that documents with these features can easily be printed on any computer without aap an extra module.

So here we have the Spool request number for the billing doc number. But I have a question. Give the smartform name and the email ids. So here we have the spool number.

  LEY NO 28628 PDF

Hello Ram, Thank you for appreciation.

Create your first OData Notify me of new comments via email. The command identification consists of two characters.

But, whenever we get this requirement, we need to scramble for our previous notes or hit the search engine. What do you think? Query Browser and Analytical Queries October 4, Units of Mea surement. So after the program execution finish we have the status message. Furthermore it is easy to read and understand. In many cases, a format is aba; for both input and output.

Thanks alot its very usefull……. Hello Feleciano, Thank you for appreciation. Common printers used by major manufacturers are usually not barcode – and Unicode-compatible.

Document Conversion – Speedy and reliable preparation of any type of document for every channel Read solution.

CONVERT_OTF SAP Function module

To print such documents, printers need to be equipped with a special hardware module — which quickly becomes a significant cost factor in large companies with lots of printers. It is part of all products in the DocBridge seriesso that companies that use Compart solutions do not require any external software to prepare SAP data for printing.


A complete overview of all supported input and output formats is provided in the Compart Matrix.

Compart has therefore tapped into a market segment with a high potential sales volume: So here for a billing document output is generated. The strength of the Compart MFF architecture is its ability to quickly and effectively convert documents in various formats into others, or anap them into a document using a specific format.

The following types are used: You might also be interested in. The ABAP list data, on the other hand, is device-independent, which means that no device-specific layout is provided when the list is sent.

sap2afp—Transform SAP OTF or ABAP data to AFP data

It is this identification which determines the expected parameters and their sequence. If you have or not, in either case, please leave your comments and let us start a healthy debate.

Glad you found it useful.