Alligation and Mixture Concepts and Formulas. Points to remember: Alligation: It refers to a rule that helps to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at a. The questions on Mixtures and Alligations are asked repeatedly in CAT. Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation. Visit to learn basics & mixture and alligation tricks for CAT exam. To understand the concept of alligations, let’s take an example and look at it from all angles.

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So, the second and first solutions are in the ratio 2: To sum up, this topic is one of the scoring areas though the weight age is not that big as compared to other topics but, we should focus on scoring easy marks first. Nevertheless this series will also contribute you all the tips and tricks to every miscellaneous sections and also all the important topics which are asked in the exams.

Chain Rule Solved Examples. He mixes 10 litres of water in that milk. Consider three mixtures — the first having water and liquid A in the ratio 1: There are a lot of questions asked every year from this topic and thus, is very crucial from the examination point of view. Let total quantity of mixture be T. Current Affairs — January 19, To appreciate the effort Lofoya.

Got a discount code? Hi Aspirants today we are going to discuss on a topic Mixture and Alligation.

Mixtures and Alligation I – Introduction and formulas To Solve Mixtures And Alligation Questions

There are three vessels of equal capacity holds milk and water in the ratio of 1: We use alligation method, which is a simplified technique to solve the complex average problems. A person has Rs. Time and Work Problems Easy. Here the prices of tea are 70, 80 and And mean price is What fraction of the first sugar solution was replaced with second sugar solution?


We will consider milk as it is getting reduced. When two or more simple mixtures are mixed together, a compound mixture is formed. Application in normal mixtures.

Calculate the ratio of ingredients Repeat for all possible pairs Final ratio is the ratio obtained from step 2 if an ingredient is common in the ratios, add values for this particular ingredient Top. Proportion of B in water is 0.

Basic Concept and Tricks on Mixture and alligation

Concepts and Tricks Learn the shortcuts methods and formulas to solve questions based on Mixtures and Alligation. Aspirants,as you all know this is Exam Season and we had started for our Preparation. Therefore, The 20kg of dearer quantity is supposed to be mixed with 25kg of cheaper quantity to make a new mixture of salt. Number formats Automatic Science Fixed Decimals.

Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation

In this question, we are suppose to find the quantity of salt which costs 42 paise that is mixed. In the alligation chart above, x is the required average of the whole group.

Read below for its solution using alligation. Product P is produced by mixing chemical X and chemical Y in the ratio of 5: Vessel B contains milk and water in the proportion mizture For this question, we will consider the proportion of milk in each mixture.


In order to calculate final ratio of ingredients when mixture contains more than two ingredients. Practice the actual exam questions.

Th question is based on a combination of two different varieties of salt to obtain a mixture at the given price. These questions may seem a little tricky at first, but it is similar concept applied repeteadly.

Mixture and Alligation Concepts | Mixture and Allegation Tricks – Hitbullseye

Vessel A contains milk and water in the ratio 4: Read About Ratio and Proportions Part 1. Average weight of 60 girls is 15 foncepts and average weight of 40 boys is 30 kg. Chemical Y is prepared by mixing raw materials, B and C, in the ratio of 2: An alligation is the rule that enables us to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at a given price or value must be mixed to produce a mixture at a given price Value or Strength.

Permutation and Combination Solutions. A container has 50 litres of milk in it.

Above allegqtion is not only true for absolute amounts but for ratios as well. Note that we are using the same values as in the above example Sol: Search Input your search keywords and press Enter. Bottle 1 contains a mixture of milk and water in 7: The quantity can be expressed as ratios or percentage. Look at the answer options for that ratio.