PI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing Arixtra. 1 Documents available. Need more information on a product? Search the Australian Register of. Mylan manufactures ARIXTRA®* (fondaparinux sodium) Injection, Solution ( Arixtra) in strengths of 25 mg05 mL 5 mgmL5 mg04 mL mgmL75 mg06 mL injection of Arixtra mg in young healthy subjects are provided in Table 1 below: . Arixtra mg once daily following hip fracture surgery, patients were.

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Pentosan is a weak anticoagulant. This may be a particular safety concern for the use of fondaparinux in children. The coagulation tests affected by telavancin include prothrombin time PTinternational normalized ratio INRactivated partial thromboplastin time aPTTactivated clotting time, and coagulation based factor Xa tests.

Patients on anticoagulants should be monitored for changes in response to anticoagulation therapy if cilostazol is administered concurrently.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the syringe. All patients should be evaluated for a bleeding disorder prior to administration of fondaparinux, unless the medication is needed urgently.

Moderate Because fulvestrant is given intramuscularly, it should not be used or given with caution in patients receiving anticoagulants. The authors concluded that fish oil supplementation in doses of 3 to 6 grams per day does not have a statistically significant effect on the INR of patients receiving chronic warfarin therapy.

Moderate Because ticlopidine inhibits platelet aggregation, a potential additive risk for arixgra exists if ticlopidine is given in combination with other agents that affect hemostasis such as anticoagulants.

Fondaparinux cannot be used interchangeably with heparin sodium or low molecular weight heparins. In the DVT and PE treatment clinical trials, the risk of fondaparinux-associated major bleeding increased with age: This route is not FDA-approved.

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Clinical practice guidelines recommend low molecular weight heparin for the prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism during pregnancy. Receipt of injectable collagenase may cause an ecchymosis or bleeding at the injection site. Related Drug Information Drug Summary.


The presence of active major bleeding, e. Patients receiving oral anticoagulant therapy should be closely monitored, especially when methyltestosterone treatment is initiated or discontinued. Moderate Anticoagulants may alter sodium iodide I pharmacokinetics and dynamics for up to 1 week after administrations.

If coadministration is necessary, monitor arixtrs closely and promptly evaluate any signs or symptoms of bleeding. Wipe the surface of the injection site with an alcohol swab. For DVT or PE prophylaxis following abdominal surgery in patients who are risk for thromboembolic complications. If epidural anesthesia, lumbar puncture, or spinal anesthesia is employed, patients should be frequently monitored for symptoms of neurological impairment, such as midline back pain, sensory and motor deficits numbness, tingling, or weakness in lower limbsand bowel or bladder srixtra fondaparinux should be discontinued and appropriate therapy initiated if needed.

When anabolic steroid or androgen therapy is started or stopped in patients on anticoagulant therapy, close monitoring is required.

Qrixtra infants experienced adverse effects. Consider use of a shorter acting anticoagulant as delivery approaches. Moderate Cautious use arixrta injectable collagenase by patients taking anticoagulants is advised.

Patients receiving warfarin that initiate concomitant fish oil therapy should have their INR monitored more closely and the dose of warfarin adjusted accordingly.

In-vitro cross-reactivity with antibodies that produce heparin-induced thrombocytopenia has not been observed. While some patients who experienced bleeding during ado-trastuzumab therapy were also receiving anticoagulation therapy, others had no known additional risk factors.

Fondaparinux should be administered by deep subcutaneous injection. Monitor patients for signs and symptoms of bleeding.

Atixtra Platelet aggregation may be impaired by venlafaxine due to platelet serotonin depletion, possibly increasing the risk of a bleeding complication e. Additionally, nandrolone decanoate may generate a pharmacodynamic interaction with warfarin by independently affecting the activity of circulating coagulation proteins. Major Due to the thrombocytopenic effects of imatinib an additive risk of bleeding may be seen in patients receiving concomitant anticoagulants.

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Major Discontinue thrombin inhibitors before starting fondaparinux due to the increased bleeding risk, unless these agents are essential. Avoid concurrent use of herbs which interact with anticoagulants when possible.


See Dosage section for specific information on timing of subcutaneous administration. Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, Human: Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic Acid: If possible, agents that enhance the risk of bleeding should be discontinued prior to initiation of fondaparinux therapy. Moderate Some penicillins e. Safe and effective use of fondaparinux in neonates, infants, and children has not been established.

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Because cilostazol is a platelet aggregation inhibitor, concomitant administration with similar acting drugs could theoretically result in an increased risk of bleeding due to additive pharmacodynamic effects, and combinations of these agents should be approached with caution.

Moderate Because dipyridamole is a platelet inhibitor, there is a potential additive risk for bleeding if dipyridamole is given in combination with other agents that affect hemostasis.

The mechanism for bleeding with ibrutinib therapy is not well understood. One month later, the patient’s INR was 1.

In clinical trials, there have been reports of intracranial bleeding, including fatalities, in HIV infected patients receiving tipranavir as part of combination antiretroviral therapy. Renal parameters should be assessed prior to use of fondaparinux in the elderly; in addition, careful attention to dosing directions and concomitant medications that affect hemostasis is advised.

Elevations in prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin and INR values have been reported post-marketing when venlafaxine was added to established warfarin therapy. In one placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded, parallel study, patients receiving stable, chronic warfarin therapy were administered various doses of fish oil supplements to determine the effect on INR determinations.

Consider discontinuation of anticoagulants in a patient taking inotersen with a platelet count of less than 50, per microliter. Theoretically, the risk of bleeding may be increased, but some studies that combined these agents did not produce clinically significant bleeding events.