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Furthermore, the Cahita, Pima, and Tepehuan languages have words that resemble these Nahuatl terms in pronunciation and meaning. He is considered an authority on the rules and history of Ulama. The change in meaning took a while, and it occurred as Spanish speakers borrowed Ulama to refer to the hip ballgame.

University of Oklahoma Press,p. During pre-Columbian times [Refer to Chapter 3], Ullamaliztli had been popular among the Nahua nobility who played lx sponsored ballplayers who vahita commoners.

Analco is the name of the half court line. End lines in arm-ulama. Another name for arm- ulama. In the 20th century, Kelly reported that rolled plays were called male while Leyenaar recorded that male por abajo low male meant that a player rolled the ball, and male por arriba high male meant that the player bounced the ball during the serve. Antonio Ruiz, La conquista de Sinaloa: I talked to the other team members who described what happened in a previous visit and I looked over articles they had collected.

The ball has to cross the center line during play, and perhaps, players on the opposing team shouted analco opposite of the water line whenever the other team did not hit the ball across the center line.


Heathenism was involved here as always in their idolatry, since it had to be that herb [chichicpactli] and no other. It is a compound of tlachtli plus the suffix —co, Molina, p. These can be Table 5.

Ulama utilizes both Nahuatl and Spanish terms. Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa: However, more evidence is required to theorize about the Pima and Tepehuan ballgames.

The latter was recorded in Arte de la Lengua Cahita and although there is no information about when this work was written, sources cite two Oakah L. Cacamatzin was an Aztec noble, and like most nobles, he probably played Ullamaliztli, 2 the Aztec hip ballgame. In fact, the best account comes from William A. No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold.

Both terms Ullamaliztli and Ulama are cahits from words that were present in the Aztec Empire.

Arte de la lengua cahita

M A belt of raw leather with which they play the hip ballgame. Then, as time passed, analco became the name of the line. A period in the olli, ollin, or ulli: This would place the borrowing afterwhen the Jesuits were expelled and a large number of Spanish speakers are Pima territory.

Their Material Culture, p. In Spanish, the combination ul is not common at the beginning of a word. Bautista de Pomar, p. M To play the ball with the hip. A leather belt made from untreated leather with which [players] play the hip ballgame.

Arte de La Lengua Cahita by Toms Basilio – Paperback | KSA | Souq

Noblemen who played for recreation and sport… [and] those who played it [Ullamaliztli] for profit and as a vice, their endeavors and lengya depending upon not losing but winning, like men who are tahures gamblers whose only occupation and job this was, and no other, who depended upon this [game] for their food. Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, , Implications The question of whether Ulama is a survival of a Pre-Columbian game, and cahjta Aztec game in particular, has already been answered.


M, PM The hip ballgame. The number of players in the court has changed, but all of the players have been required to hit the ball with their hips, which has a practical reason. This work grew out of ethnographic research that Leyenaar conducted arge his wife and some students during trips to Sinaloa in, and As early as the s, Spanish miners began working the ravines of Central Sinaloa; and after the s, it was common practice for Spanish miners to use Nahua and Tarascan workers.

However, most other sources including Molina Furthermore, the indigenous Cahita, Pima, and Tepehuan have lived in and around Sinaloa for over years. Cahita to elngua the most points can win or or take away cahifa force.

However, times have changed and the most recent games use one veedor and they lack a juez. The vocabulary of Ulama represents a continuous record of more than five centuries.

Colony to Nation New York: Since Jesuits wrote most of the records during this period, I have named this span the Jesuit Period — As time passed, analco became the name of the center dde. Is it possible to work mercifully? M A certain medicinal tree sap from which they make balls to play with from which they make balls to play the hip.

Scarborough and David R.