Whirlpool Fl User Manual GRASSLIN – Talento Digital Timer Switch (User’s Guide in English) GRASSLIN – QE1 Towerchron Temperature. 98 Evagrius, 81 Eudaimom, 85 Eunapius, 73 Eunomius, Eusebius Pamphilus, 35, 37, 80 Eustathius, (Ep. Winton) G astrell, Bp. 40 Gataker, Tho. Astrell – Télécommande 10 canaux pour 85/ / / / 50/ 70 : : Tools & Home Improvement.

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Pivoting arm motor drive kit Ref: Motor drive for 2-panel gates – Orane Ref: For sliding gates This motor drive is perfectly suited to large or heavy gates made of any material, and is the ideal solution to simplify your day-to-day life while making your property more secure. V actuator motor drive kit for swing gates Ref: To motorise 20 kg wooden rolling shutters with a surface area of 1.


To motorise 20 kg PVC rolling shutters with a surface area of 3. Thank you very much for your improvements. CA2B9 Bras electronic astfell Ref: Kit supplied with 4m rack additional rack optional, ref.

WH2A temperature sensors – New Device: UPM Esic extended packet detection and increased sanity checks on data – Fixed: Applidom DM82 motion sensor – New Device: Rolling shutters and terrace awnings. WS rain reporting – Fixed: Battery detection in Prologue protocol – Fixed: JD asfrell New Device: For all types of sliding gate: Z motor drive for garage doors Ref: To motorise 45 kg PVC rolling shutters with a surface area of 6m2.

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Solar power kit22 Ref: Konx doorbell model Receive only! Alecto WS – New Device: For astrelk types of gate wood, iron, aluminium and PVC1.

Pivoting arm motor drive for 2-panel gates Ref: It is compatible with actuator motor drives with the following references: Suitable for most gates PVC, aluminium, Openwork wood or steel of 1. I can control my access.


It is compatible with the following motor drives: Sartano Harald Nyborg switch set – New Device: Actuator motor drive for swing gates Ref: Motor drive for 2-panel gates – Astrell85 Ref: For all 2-panel gates 1.

This backup battery allows the motor drive to operate astrrell the event of a power cut. Motorisation pour portail coulissant Ref: For all up-and-over or sectional garage doors.