Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity. August Turak () New York: Columbia University Press. Review by. Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks has ratings and 23 reviews. Gail said : ***Be sure to check out the Mepkin Abbey tour link included in the revi. Recently, August released a new book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. It is filled with practical business advice, yet infused with a.

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Of course, the monks ar There was a businees when the church mined the business shelf for wisdom on managing ministries, leadership and growing your church. Oct 11, Landon rated it it was amazing. It’s not often that we have a chance for transformational experiences, nusiness I wanted to share some of his message with you. I decided that the answer was yes, proved it in my own companies, and have now written a book to share my experience and insights with others.

We often learn the most powerful lessons where and when we least expect it. August Turak is a highly successful corporate executive, consultant, entrepreneur and author. See my full review at https: While the trzppist of the monastery is to serve God, sometimes the mission of a company ends up being fluff.

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One Ceo’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

An interesting and thought provoking book. Chuck rated it it was amazing Oct 23, I am a stay-at-home mom who is home educating two daughters. Leaders must decide the things worth doing. Both for business use and for applying to ones personal life.

Ironically the last thing on my mind on my first trip to Mepkin was Trappist business success or even my own. I think this book has a lot to say about how important it is to be an authentic person.

How One CEO Learned a Lot of Business Secrets From a Trappist Monk – Small Business Trends

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. His business becomes successful and the overall condition of his life becomes better.


If we business owners can follow their example and learn to b as committed, consistent and as disciplined our business would be thriving by leaps and bounds. Of course i appreciate a nonks review, but what I appreciate even more is one that demonstrates and articulates so well the message I am trying to pass along for others to benefit by. Purpose of every human life, is to be transformed from a selfish into a selfless person.

A Secretd monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, he was a poet, social activist, and student of comparative religion. Please explain how that worked in practice. We also grew produce that we sold at a roadside stand to tourists and locals. Self-knowledge instead is best achieved through encountering ourselves in real-life situations.

I had never even heard of this book before but it sounds like a great book to read after The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I was searching for psychological and spiritual solace. Books by August Turak. You have distilled numerous business lessons from the Trappist Monks. These are life lessons for business and beyond. Aug 13, Zaw rated it it was amazing.

Some business gurus seek to flatten a corporate hierarchy yet even monastic life has a necessary hierarchy of sorts. Egg production buziness the commercial powerhouse of the Abbey with over 40, hens literally sitting on a veritable production line, until they switched gears and moved to mushroom production after alleged controversial practices were highlighted by an animal welfare group in the late s.

Born in in Van Buren County, Mich. Jul 16, Michelle rated it really liked it.

How One CEO Learned a Lot of Business Secrets From a Trappist Monk

A sort of human interest escrets and even a general reader with no specific interest in business or religion may still gain rather a lot from this book if they just pick it up and plough through it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Skip to secondary content.


Combining case studies from his thirty-year business career with intimate portraits of the monks mknks work, Turak shows how Trappist principles can be successfully applied to secretts variety of secular business settings and to our personal lives as well.

His time spent living and working alongside the monks gave him a unique opportunity to observe their way of life and learn from them. This book will be required reading in their high school years. Please share, but don’t repost in its entirety. He demonstrates that monks and people like Warren Buffett are successful not despite of their high principles but ttrappist of them.

The Trappist tradition is over years old as, as the monks regularly reminded Turak, you have to trust the process.

Lists with This Book. Susan Payton August 5, at 1: Admittedly, a portion of it involves decisions by people above my pay grade, but for the most part the concepts here are universal to all positions in a business. Thank you for sharing this book! Turak gained business secrets from a most unique monms No trivia or quizzes yet.

Living and working along these monks allowed Turak to gain the previously unknown business secrets that allowed them to develop a successful business portfolio.

We must offer people the vusiness to satisfy this hunger for transformation. Planning is a subset of execution, and one of the biggest mistakes most business people make is failing to understand the difference between mission and planning.

I think anyone aspiring to “get ahead” in business would do well to read this – and remember that in busness business transaction, there are people involved.