I am using CFCHART in coldfusion to plot a line graph with 2 series of data (percentage for a date). The problem I’m having is that if one. I just wondering if you could help me with cfchart y-axis. ColdFusion for some reason auto format y-axis with number, for example the value of. Adam Cameron investigates some dodgy behaviour that CFCHART engages in.

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Hexadecimal value or supported named color; see the name list in Usage. The showMarkers attribute displays markers at the data points for two-dimensional line, curve, and scatter charts.

Whether to display markers at data points in line, curve, and scatter graphs: Sets the angle at which a linear fill is displayed. Options are none, mousedown, or mouseover. ColdFusion determines the default value. The sortXAxis attribute determines the order of items when you specify the cfchartdata item attribute, whose values are treated as text. Comma-separated list of axis against which to plot ccfhart chart, for example, x,y2. Defines the width of the border. Use the cfchart tag to create engaging and cfdhart graphs and use the graphs in your applications.

The default value is mouseover. The width and height, in pixels, of the chart. Format for y-axis labels: For all other color values, enter the hexadecimal value. The foregroundColor attribute specifies the border color. ColdFusion MX Added this tag. For pie charts, the color is that of the first slice. Added style and title attributes. Background color of tips. Make the changes you want to the appearance of the chart.


The showLegend cfchsrt lets you display the chart legend when the chart contains more than one series of data. The default value no for x-axis gridlines, and yes for y-axis gridlines. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Pie Data markers markerStyle Specifies the shape used to mark the data point. Specifies the shape cfchary to mark the data point.

The fontItalic attribute specifies to display all text as italic.

Writing a chart to a variable

Creating a two-series bar chart. You can specify solid color, raised button, linear gradient fill with a light center and darker outer edge, and gradient fill on lighter version of color.

Whether to display the chart with three-dimensional appearance: Pie chart Type Frame chart: Sign up using Facebook. Sets the color of the border. The seriesColor attribute specifies a single color of the bar, line, pyramid, and so on. You can control the appearance of charts by doing any of the following: See How to Ask.

ColdFusion uses the same rules to look for the chart style XML files as it does for files included using the cfinclude tag. Create a pie chart cfchrat data from a database. Set x-axis offset for background gradient.


ColdFusion Help | Writing a chart to a variable

To turn off this feature, you can either modify the setting in all the chart style files, or use a custom style file. You can specify the height and width in percentages. Additional keys are as follows: Using the preview attribute.

Family specify only supported fonts fontBold font: For more information, see cfinclude. The default value is white. If you use numeric format, use double number signs; for example, blue or FF33CC.

The default value is no. Hexadecimal value or supported named color; see the name list in the Usage section. The valid struct keys are angledepth, and true3d. A struct of keys related to bevel such as. Defines the line style. The default value is yes. The problem I’m having is that if one of the series is missing data cfxhart a particular date, the line breaks so I have one complete line graph, and the second is two or more if more than one data ti is missing lines.

The axis is numeric.