Character Analysis (German: Charakteranalyse) is a book by Wilhelm Reich. Contents. 1 Background; 2 Summary; 3 Reception; 4 References; 5 External. Results 1 – 30 of 71 Charakteranalyse. by Wilhelm Reich and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Wilhelm Reich. Series By Wilhelm Reich; Books By Wilhelm Reich Similar Authors To Wilhelm Reich. Suzanne M. Bean Charakteranalyse. Wilhelm Reich.

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Character Analysis The German edition. Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. Those who dismiss Reich on the charakternalyse of the grander claims make a big mistake. Teaches you hopw to read trauma from posture and behaviour.

Charakteranalyse by Reich, Wilhelm

However, Freud cancelled the contract, wanting to distance himself from Reich’s politics. This book is all over the charaktteranalyse. Nov 02, Shelley O’Shea rated it liked it.

Sign In Register Help Basket. Charakteranalyse is a book by Wilhelm Reich. It is one aspect of the rich human experience. Existential anxiety, sexual desires or repositories of repressed anger are examples of internal threats which may make us feel the need charakteranalgse our armour.


It was this work, in particular, that cemented the rift between Reich and the psychoanalytic establishment. Wilhelm Reich was one of the first western scientists to contribute to the study of mind-body medicine. They should charakheranalyse govern it.

I’ve never thought his Orgone energy ideas had much credibility, but this was written when he was an active leftist and still in most ways a Freudian analyst. Inquire if you need further information.

Kylie rated it really liked it Nov 20, Or we may be neurotic, in which case the failure to satisfy our primary biological drives gives rise to secondary drives of a destructive nature which make repression necessary. Rebound in grey linen.


Aug 28, Jenell rated it really liked it Shelves: Books by Wilhelm Reich. Riech basic frame of reference here is still Freudian psychoanalysis, though Reich is already a heretic. Real comphrehensive through the many aspects of Chracter charalteranalyse, and the origins of the emotinal plague, steps to restore patients to n orgiastic stte instead of hve them suffer with nouroses, become psychotic, or whtnot. That being said, it is real sad to see this brilliant psychiatrist toady being pretty much forgotten in the litterature, all the while a number of poeple are getting very well by rebranding his techniques, and calling it their own “discovery” while omitting several crucial components while deling with the puzzling nature of the human mind.

Charged with contempt of court for violating the injunction, Reich conducted his own defense, which involved sending the judge all his books to deich, and arguing that a court was no place to decide matters of science. I kept reading, because charakterana,yse was strongly evident that Wilhelm Reich was on a quest to heal all people. Thanks for telling us about the problem. By far Reich’s best book of all the ones I’ve read. Lewin to ffep, light hint of a damp-stain to lower corners.

Character Analysis by Wilhelm Reich.

Looks to have been rebound. From such a viewpoint we can see that we will make little progress in solving our problems by political means unless we also learn how to free up our character armour and reconnect with our original loving nature. Great Precursor to Bioenergetics.

Reich has given us reifh holistic framework for the process by which the human animal, whose primary biological orientation is toward love – not excluding its bodily erotic expression, comes to be capable of war, torture, rape, etc. Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Aug 26, Marginal pencil markings to a few pages. As a young clinician in the s, Wihelm Reich expanded psychoanalytic resistance into the more inclusive technique of character analysis, in which the sum total of typical character attitudes developed by an chara,teranalyse as a blocking against emotional excitations became the object of treatment.


Owner’s name to the half title page. Bud James rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Oliver rated charakgeranalyse it was amazing Jul 09, His work on the link between human sexuality and neuroses emphasized “orgastic potency” as the foremost criterion for psycho-physical health. There were vast sections, however, where I yearned to hear how his theories apply to me, as a woman.

Character Analysis

A combination of two complimentary factors: Paperback3rd Enlarged Editionpages. Part of a series of charakteranalyze on. Synthesizing material from psychoanalysis, cultural anthropology, economics, sociology, and ethics, his work influenced writers such as Alexander Lowen, Fritz Perls, Paul Goodman, Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, A. Nick McNaught rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Another case of seeing what you want to see, rather than what is.

David Cherubim rated it really liked it Oct 15, Though at times this book falters in its oversimplification of sexual economy and certain typical Victorian generalizations, it stands as one of the most significant challenges to Freud’s theorization of the “Death Instinct” to date.