Contactless tachometer using pic microcontroller: Contactless digital tachometer project is designed to measure speed of dc motor using PIC18F46K Simple but accurate digital tachometer using microcontroller Has a resolution of 1 rev/sec. The tachometer use an optical pickup scheme for picking . Buy Digital Photo Laser Tachometer Non Contact Tach RPM Meter: Tachometers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Design of a Contactless tachometer | Open Access Journals

The program actually counts the number of negative going pulses in 1. Each time this happens a counter is initiated.

When the reflective strip passes in front of the sensor, IR waves are reflected back to the photo transistor. I’ve used better photo tachs in the past, and they read similarly, so this one seemed fine, and the ratios I measured all made sense. Hopefully it’s a much better unit. This is done by counting the number of times the slot comes in line of sight with the transmitter receiver pair. If you’re a seller, Fulfillment by Amazon can help you increase your sales.

Calling the millis function before and after the counting cycle and the taking their difference gives the times passed during the counting cycle. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?


Technical Details

This device is built on a microcontroller – ATmega16, speed is detected using the IR transmitter and receiver pair, readings are displayed using a 16×2 LCD display and the speed limit is indicated by an LED and a buzzer.

I had some trouble finding a way to attach the reflective tape that is target for the tach. When the speed of the motor is above a fixed value, a buzzer is alarmed and an LED indication is given. You have to test and calibrate your contzctless based on congactless. Included a case tachomeer probably ‘ of reflective tape that had a nice adhesive on it. Go through this article Delay using timer for a better grasp. The voltage across the resistor connected in series with the receiver is transferred to the second pin of port D of the Microcontroller ATmega The interrupt counts the number of times the voltage variation occurs in the resistor in series with the receiver and sends the value to the LCD display every second.

As the name indicates, it can very accurately measure the rotational speed of a shaft without even touching it. Tachometer is tachometter device used for measuring the number of revolutions of an object in a given interval of time. This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.

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It probably wouldn’t work. The arduino interrupt is configured to be rising edge triggered. It has a simple red laser that reflects nicely off the included tape. For this setup and every other setup based on principle of reflection of light the IR LED and the photo-sensor are placed side-by-side at a distance of mm from each other facing the obstruction which is generally less than 10cm away from the tip of IR LED. Dear Sir, Yachometer provide C code for better understanding. Tachometer using arduino praveen January 13, 10 Comments.


With the advent of modern electronics, the tachometers have changed a lot. The circuit diagram of the LCD tachometer using is given below. Contactless digital tachometer using But this distance varies according to the climatic conditions in the region and also other devices operating in the area. The job of this comparator unit is to convert the spiky collector wave form into dontactless neat square pulse train so that it can be applied to the microcontroller.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The sensor arrangement is shown in the figure below. The usage of LTH photo interrupter module makes it more rugged and stable. I realize these are low-end tachs, but they shouldn’t fall tachomeeter when contactlesd turn it over to put the batteries in. This is for my study and teaching the program how to srite Thanks a lot for the Originators.

RPM can be determined by counting the number of upward shoots in a given interval of time.