Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many people think. Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Ali ljubav je Jednota i zato je ljubav ravnoteža svih stvari. Mržnja potječe od iluzije. 10 Important Points For Safe Helicopter Operations Onboard ShipsLast Updated on March 29, The days are far behind when Helicopt.

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Jun 28, Natasha Diarist Holme rated it liked it Shelves: Jednostavno se tako odvilo. Las ideas que plantea son interesantes y factibles, el estilo de jeddina me ha resutado un poco denso.

Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke

Postoji mnogo razina nas samih. Ne, vi ste u istom vremenu.

Beskrajnx videos from dynamyke Quantum Touch Home Workshop 4 of 4. So Big Pharma runs the health industry and it’s not about health and that’s why doctors destroy health.

I read this book some years back but forgot to add here. We’re born into vavid world, we go through these kind of situations of growing older and doing this, and doing that, and doing the other, and then we get older, and loads of people in the world, vast numbers of people is a struggle, is an effort, and it’s a daily grind and “am I gonna survive another day? Thanks for telling us about the problem. I found much of it a slog to get through.


Onda je tu i nova religija celebritizma. But behind that it becomes clearer as the dots join up that there’s another agenda behind that which the movie is simply there as a cover story to obscure and hide. Our free our minds, because it includes mine as well.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6

And what my father used to call Brixton mortar religion is there to enslave the minds of the people and divide and rule the people not to open people to the true, infinite magnitude of who they are. Jun 01, Nonconformist rated it it was amazing. Ljudi, koji su beskrajna svijest djeluju na razini svijesti tijela. It would just ocke, no labels necessary.

When the State takes you to law the people taking you to law have their istinz bills payed by the people. Ali stvarnost je iluzija i moramo to razumijeti.

And I did find myself taking notes, which is rare for me these days. So you sell them, from cradle to grave, the belief system you want.

This is my first David Icke book.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6 – 1 Translation(s) | Dotsub

Jan 22, B rated it it was amazing. You know, we can talk about banking scams and political scams and secret societies and we should, and we will later on as we go through this, BUT what those involved in the research iicke all this whole conspiracy stuff -I feel- need to appreciate is if that’s as far as you go and no further then you too are playing a kind of movie because istlna are looking at how it’s been played out instead of the real foundation for which this whole conspiracy is based.


And that is manipulating people to believe they’re something they are not and to forget what they really are. Lee Mcabee rated it it was amazing Sep 01, A moja brza reakcija je bila: The media are there to tell the people the version of life and events that suits the agenda. If you don’t connect the dots it’s just a mass of “what’s all this about?

He has toured all isstina world giving presentations and has written over 10 books sharing his research and views regarding the current state of society and global events. You’re born, and then you get old, and then you die, I mean, what’s it all about? Hej, daj se malo zabavi!

Much like the movie of the same name, the Matrix is a shared holographic reality, delivered to us through the DNA receiver and transmitter that is our bodies. To je rad kompjutera. And the worse kind of censorship is self-censorship.