Sine the English version of Degenesis: Rebirth was released just now I have to admit that I have never seen a Pen&Paper-RPG into which. Degenesis: Rebirth is the second edition of the Degenesis table top RPG. It’s a post-apocalyptic game, set in a transformed Europe, years. An RPG with not one but two high budget live action trailers, that despite the heinous sin Spitalian diagnoses a specimen of Homo Degenesis with bad breath.

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The scrapper’s dream is that they will find an intact piece of rare Bygone technology that will make them deenesis than their wildest dreams. To rebuild earth in a new and glorious fashion. The game runs on a system called the “katharSys”. He went from village to village, enforcing law and order where there was previously none.

Level up your geeklore skill by subscribing to Geek Native’s digest newsletter. The Hellvetics grant access into Pollen, though much of what lies in Hellvetic reach is burnt and destroyed by the march of the Corroded. Before the Eshaton, all media had unified into a single entity known as the Stream. Danzig is nearly buried beneath the ice sheets from the north but hosts a Spitalian research center that seeks to create immunity to the Primer.

There’s no history to them, nothing like that.

Brace yourself for impact: The remarkable Degenesis RPG is coming

I found myself wishing the writers had been less discursive and more prone to textbook layouts, but this need to flip around between pages will ease with experience. Equipped with psychic powers beyond measure, Homo Degenesis has declared war on the upstart mankind, and man will fight back with full force.

Castile perseveres under the banner of la Campeadora, the figurehead of Hybrispanian resistance. Hybrispania was the first point of contact between post-Eshaton Europe and Africa. Trying to learn them all up front becomes a barrier to character generation.


These scavengers live lonely, solitary lives, as the acquisition of salvage is a rather competitive business. It wasn’t long before they discovered the Primer, Sepsis and the Psychonauts.

Each of the Clans has a flowchart showing their ranking system. The current version is the Rebirth and comes in 2 full color hardcover books. They spent years sifting through the data, compiling it and learning eegenesis it. A military for its own sake, an army of warrior-builders armed with sophisticated Bygone technology that are part knight, part mercenary, disciplined to a fault. Bucharest is a Jehammedan stronghold against African conquest, weakened and desperate for aid from the Voivodes.

The surviving military’s purpose remained intact however, it existed to serve its government and its people. However, they also send out spies to infiltrate surface society, raiders to pilfer food from surface settlements and scouts to locate other dispensers and unite with the Palers within, if they haven’t broken out already.

Raise the weapons, fight back, or be forgotten. The hardcore nerds of the day who lived and breathed the Stream, who couldn’t stand the idea of a world without it, degenwsis the Streamers. Asteroids tear degenexis the Earth, in the near future, catching humanity unaware. Paradise isn’t just beyond death, it’s also something that the Anabaptists are meant to turn Earth into. Each scrapper has their own technique. Any information they share is done entirely through mouth; they are an oral cult that does degeensis dare engage in any sort of writing outside of the wood carving that they perform degnesis a hobby.

Under the working title of “Endzeit” Engl: But l had to have Degenesis. It is what has sustained them for so long, but they ran out of their supplies long ago.

The region is split in half by the Reaper’s Blow, a fracture line from the Eshaton that cracked open the crust and opened it to magma. You entered an incorrect username or password. Degenesis presents a cosmopolitan and vast collection of cultures, cults and tribes.

Our final battle – a review of Degenesis: Rebirth Edition

God is degeneis, reality is not, with humanity being the unholy fusion of divinity and sin, mind and matter. These asteroids brought a strange and pernicious virus with them, and that virus has mutated into several different, equally dangerous, infections. The megacomplex had been carved up into a hellscape of dizzying falls and magma flows. They see it as the land of the black man, who conquered and tamed the wildest continent through strength and might alone.


They are still far from the bottom of the rung but they are not the ones who will conquer the world. They exist as sacrifices offered to God in combat, so that the clan might be spared his wrath. Europe got hit harder, and the game flips some usual tropes by presenting the African cultures as the richer, more sophisticated civilisations with the resources and the upper hand in any trade deals while much of Europe is a lawless wilderness.

The use of triggers to fuel degrees or success or speed is refreshing. Most men are born as Ismaeli and act as the thralls of the Jehammedans, doing all of the cult’s back-breaking labor. This prophet had close connections with one Gerome Getrell, the founder of the Recombination Group, a pharmaceutical corporation that had among other things weaponized memetics.

They still use words like ‘Ka’ and ‘wave.

The remarkable Vegenesis RPG is coming. But for now, Justitian holds. One of their greatest finds in the pursuit of this goal was a computer museum near Cologne Cathedral, where they found a treasure trove, another extension of the Stream.

Much like the Judges, the Neolibyans begin their story with a single founding figure, known as the Libyan. Consider the European and African scrappers polar opposites.