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Open it and take the coded note. Talk to her and use Fast Talk or Seduce her to give you Danos.

Head to the temple of Hesinde 2to tell Dorion 2 about your success. The simplest way is clicking the first hen potadnik the left four times, the second two times and the last one once. Alms the Beggar Like a Shadow Reach the heart of the ruins undetected You cannot get noticed before reaching level 4. Break the ambush Option 1: You must drakfnsang your companions and approach her with only Rhulana in your party.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

If you want to pay him as little as possible give him 1 Farthing twice and 1 Thaler once. Search the crypt Enter the crypt. Necklaces, rings, jewels A question of honor Cano 5 has a special assignment for you – you’ll need to get inside the Dark Eyes hideout M3 8 and retrieve Hammer of Growina.

The tells you to take the flute, that belonged to her ancestor. If you kill them you will receive the burial jewelery. Talk to her to learn that the barrier has been created by a mage – if you kill him, the barrier will fade away. Snuffbox Return the snuffbox to the owner Return to the rich man.


My secret – sprawdź! (str. 6 z 36)

He is ashamed to come out because he lost his beard while fighting a dog 14who was stealing his chicken. Once you step on the bridge a cinematic will begin with the dragon flying over your head and attacking the Grove. Get back on the ladder 5get to the other side of the room and leave the hideout 1. Inside you will find the treasure connected with the An Old Treasure Map Tell him that he’s under arrest. Getting back your Ducats and a boat nothing you can do with it however.

He will ask you to receive an order from innkeeper at “Silver Pitcher”. He will tell you the story of the local hunter Investigate Erick’s murder Gather information about the murder Go to Eelko’s murder scene 6.

Elf will tell you where the camp is. Kliknij 2 razy na drugiego drwala. If you’re not doing Like a shadow, just kill the priest and take the key. Temple of Hesinde Leave the courtyard bearing in mind that you won’t be able to return to this place.

Find the human smuggler Smuggler 20 and Tashman can be found in Wagoner’s Home. Take everything you can, especially the burn ointment, which provides fire resistance.


The attack at the docks Tne 20 are standing near the ships. Talk to the goblin shaman. He will suggest that you talk to the innkeeper 10who might know where Dranor is. She will thank you and promise to say a good word for you to Nandor Now, since the barrier no longer protects the ruins you may continue your pursuit of the Book of the Serpent.



Her wagoner 2 has gone looking for help, but hasn’t returned yet. Once you get all of these, he will produce a magic powder.

Ugin, son of Umbash Few moments later he drakejsang feel sick and leave the inn. Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout.

It appears to be crawling with goblins who hold the workers thr the farm. Help the wounded worker One of the farmers 17 is laying wounded near the bridge. She has paid them to free her man. Place the skulls on the appropriate statues and watch Heidrune appear. If you want, you can buy workshops for 50 ducats each, and there are some plants in the garden.

Return to Alvina Once Danos puts the bracelet on he will turn into a toad and Alvina ov appear and thank you for help. Save the cursed one The crypts holds the remains of her lover – Ailric Farfar. The spell will fade and the happy couple will reward you with some money.