The Gravity Motor is what I invented before I discovered the Fuelless Engine! You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC. Fuelless Gravity Engine Motor / Machine MODEL # 4 33 lb 33 lb This device really works! We Guarantee it to work Hopefully you purchased the video also! you. Title: (Ebook – Free Energy) Creative Science & Research – Fuelless Gravity Engine (#FGE2), Author: Emillions, Length: 20 pages, Published:

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So please be very careful! Think of it as a kind of “magical power generator” but without magic or an everlasting battery. Click Here For More Details. See below for details No oil, no plasma or wind, or solar power, or pressure, or anything of the kind. The free electrical energy produced by the motor is replaced back into the motor and reused by the motor.

When arm roller switch reaches the 6: The back EMF from the coil should be more than what was put into the coil to run it. Great for indoor garage walls or outdoor operation. And what your want to use such engines for? The FGE2 Gravity Engine is basically a gravity, inertia driven motor which gets it s torque power from leverage as well as speed.

The use of springs may need to be used. Instead, it uses gravity, inertia and leverage as it’s main sources of power. We are not responsible for anything in these plans, you build at your own risk. The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of fravity body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.


Be careful this is a very powerful set up. The super high efficient solenoid is based on our Fuelless Engine technology. Wind Mill Plans – Generators. Plans or videos can be downloaded or sent to you by air mail, or both.

This fuellss is easy to build! A small input of electrical power is also needed to start and keep the free energy reaction going. Our free energy devices must be built by individuals like you, this is the plan we have chosen to take and will slowly introduce free energy devices to the world!

Fuelless Gravity Engine

This motor uses very little air at gravitu to run. You are allowed and can build different size models and use for them for your own use only. Failure to follow the safety rules and other. QTY- 1 Part 5 also made from aluminum bar.

T ransforming the Energy of Wind into Powerful Minds. The input coil consumes only a small amount of amperage to keep it running! There are thousands of supply companies that would be glad to sell you what you need and ship it to your front door. This is not a way to obtain energy without “fuel” in the meaning “something you “burn” to get energy.

So please be very careful! These plans also include how to build and test the mechanical structure of the device by using an air compressor and an air cylinder for safety test purposes only. To purchase by mail, download or other: The solenoid is of a special design, it uses Neodymium disk magnets N40 or N38 as the plunger rod, thus the solenoid coil acts as a Generator as well as a linear motor plunger!

Front View Side View Attache the air hose s as so: Can there be an engine that doesn’t require any fuel? Our first prototype was very easy to make, we simply used a bicycle wheel to prove that it worked and then went on to build a bigger prototype.


Fuelless Engine Model 1

Remember that much weight and speed is very powerful and can kill you, be careful. The air cylinder uses very little air to push a large amount of weight. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. This is simply the first phase of construction, But, we do suggest that you start with the air compressor method first to test your system to gravitu sure there is no problems, then go on to build model 4, it is far better and will produce more free energy output than models Part 6 2″ 4.

The magnets have to take the pounds of pressure applied to them or they could crack. Wind from left to right. Our plans are simple to follow, and provide a complete parts list, as well as several supplier contacts. Why use a standard air compressor at all?

Polarity of bar magnets. PVC sheets can be baought at any sign shop or sign supply company. Precision Linear Motion Accomplished Easily and Economically Part 1 of 2 When students are trained in classic mechanical engineering, they are taught to construct a system More information.

What you are asking for it seems is “moto perpetuo” which is not what I read about and AFAIK is still strictly “not possible”. This engine uses gravity, balance, weight, leverage and inertia as it’s main Free Energy Source. Make long-term die reliability a reality! Be careful this is a very powerful set up.

I do not know how many winds that is? We Guarantee it to work Hopefully you purchased the video also!