Common name: Gin Berry, opal orange, orangeberry, rum berry, tooth brush plant • Bengali: আশশেওড়া ash-sheora, বন জামির ban jamir, মাতখিলা. Glycosmis pentaphylla. CRC PI GLYCOSMIS. Photos by Toni Siebert, CVC. Photo rights. Source: Received as seed from the USDA Plant Introd . Glycosmis pentaphylla. a.k.a. Gin Berry. A relatively obscure member of the Citrus family bearing small, translucent pink fruits with juicy flesh and a sort of spicy.

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Major contributors Stars of the month Efloraofindia’s journey General. Last update on Citrus inodora Russel River Lime. The importance of this plant is given in a nutshell under some selected photographs. Fruit A pulpy berry; white to reddish; seedsglobose, depressed. Semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests, also in pentaphy,la plains.


Glycosmis pentaphylla – Useful Tropical Plants

Document specific search options Title. Please help me in identifying this plant found inside a montane evergreen forest. Hardiness Unknown, hardy to at least 32F, possibly to F. Description Small or medium sized evergreen.

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Indian Flora facebook group. Clausena excavata Pink Wampee. Negative impacts on humans, communities. Attaching an image of Glycosmis pentaphylla.

Citrus limon ‘Ponderosa’ Ponderosa Lemon. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Please identify this plant taken at Wildernest ResortGoa.

On the other hand, according to KEW, G.

Names of Plants in India site. Citrus hystrix Kaffir Lime. Would seem to enjoy conditions similar to Citrus. I have seen butterflies visiting the flowers of this plant and birds eating fruits of this plant. Publisher Kampong Publications, California.

Usually these shrubs are under 3 ft height and can be termed as undershrub, but they can grow as high 6 ft. SirI have an experience to share about the therapeutic importance of ‘Glycosmis pentaphylla’. Can it be Atlantia macrophylla??? pentaphtlla


User specific search options User. If wild it should be G.

India Biodiversity Portal

Thiruvananthapuram District harbours more than 1, medicinal plants of which plants are hosts Gujarati name for Glycosmis pentaphylla: Here are the names penfaphylla this species I have found so far: We obtained some important details related to the same.

I noticed the comment of Murraya koenegii Curry Leaf. This comprises an account of the foliicolous fungal collections collected along with the host l