Inventarisasi Tumbuhan Paku-pakuan (Pteridophyta) di Kawasan Konservasi Tritis-Turgo, Lereng Selatan Gunung Merapi (data ). Inventarisasi Tumbuhan Paku di Hutan Pulangeh Kampung Ngalau Gadang Kecamatan IV Nagari Bayang Utara Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan. (Pteridaceae); Catatan Naturalisasi Jenis Paku .. keanekaragaman tumbuhan paku di Ranca. Upas, Kawah Inventarisasi tumbuhan. paku.

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Remember me on this computer. Detailed descriptions and photographs are provided here for each species. Ads help cover our server costs. We tested the effects of environmental variables on pteridophyte composition of x 2.

In addition, we consider Millerocaulis stipabonettiorum a possible member of Palaeosmunda and Millerocaulis estipularis as probably constituting the earliest representative of the Todea- Leptopteris lineage subtribe Todeinae of modern Osmundoideae.

We concluded that the smallest plots were informative enough to detect the main gradients of composition and their association to environmental factors. Records of unventarisasi medicinal knowledge about pteridophytes need to be given top priority to aid the protection of such knowledge before they vanish from present day traditional healers.

New Distribution Record of Lepisorus nudus Hook. Salah satu contoh tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah tersebut dapat diamati pada pku paku. This paper aims to Mansehra is one of the floristically rich and most varied districts of Pakistan, gifted with plentiful pteridophytes diversity.

By reading the reflectivity spectrum, concomitant chlorophyll fluorescence signals F from Lygodium leaves were also detected at nm, which corresponds to the O2-A Fraunhofer line. More information and software credits.


Previous studies reported other species of Ophioglossum and Aleuritopteris while genera like Athyrium, Salvinia and Tectaria is reported for the first time from Gujarat forest.


The purpose of this study is to know about the types of epiphytic nail plants in Astana Giribangun and Mengadeg District Matesih Sub-district Karanganyar District. A novel morphological character matrix with 45 anatomical characters scored for 15 extant species and for fossil operational units species or specimens is analysed using networks in order to establish systematic relationships among fossil and extant Osmundales rooted in axis anatomy.

Pteridaceae was recorded with highest number of medicinally important species 57followed by Polypodiaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Thelypteridaceae, and Aspleniaceae with 36, 27, 22, and 21 species respectively.

KLOROFIL: Jurnal Ilmu Biologi dan Terapan

Inventory is an activity for collecting, recording, and reporting of data collection. The reduction of plot width from 2. We introduce several nomenclatural novelties: Tumbuhan paku juga banyak terdapat di hutan pegunungan. The Amazonian lowlands exhibit considerable internal heterogeneity that is not apparent in existing vegetation maps. A total of species belonging to 45 genera were recorded, with Dryopteris as the largest genera including twelve species followed by Athy-rium, Pteris and Polystichum.

Various ethnic communities residing in district Mansehra and its adjacent localities exhibits unique The Osmundales Royal Fern order originated in the late Paleozoic and is the most ancient surviving lineage of leptosporangiate ferns.

Therefore, site-specific relationships among variables can mask the bigger picture and make it more difficult to unravel the factors structuring plant communities in Amazonia. An inventory survey was conducted in order to assess the traditional uses of pteridophytes by the local inhabitants of the study area.

For inventarisawi tested plot widths, community composition was associated with soil clay content and was not associated with the terrain slope. Moore, Tectaria coadunata Wall. Our data suggests that the daily change in inventraisasi status P can be traced by monitoring the change in relative F in relation to the estimated heat loss H and measured J, R, and T using a series of practical equations designed to roughly estimate the gross photosynthetic response within the plant canopy.


These ferns are restricted to the central and southern parts of Gujarat in Djuanda berjumlah 20 jenis yaitu: Metode yang digunakan adalah metode jelajah sigi yang dilakukan dengan cara menyusuri kawasan Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda setiap menemukan paku dengan jenis berbeda. This diverse fossil record constitutes an exceptional source of information on the evolutionary history of the group from the Permian to the present.

Our study concluded that, elders of the area have more knowledge than youngers in the population, an yumbuhan medicinal practice of pteridophyte species by various indigenous people for treating various diseases and food use is prominent and may be considered as potential source for pharmaceutical industries to prepare new drugs to fight against various diseases.

Establishing which factors determine species distributions is of major relevance for practical applications such as tumbuuan planning. These ferns are restricted to the central and southern parts of Gujarat in northern Western Ghats. The large area covered by the Amazonian domain and the limited financial support for biodiversity studies demand efficient research programs.

Conclusions The use of medicinal plants in the primary healthcare of humans and livestock has been documented since ancient times, and they offer a useful source of new therapeutics. Inventory of plants is done on the project area by noting the types of diareal.