Cover for Thoughts on Interaction Design. Thoughts on Interaction Design. Book • Authors: Jon Kolko. Browse book content. About the book. Search in this. Thoughts on Interaction Design has ratings and 21 reviews. Kars said: More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. It’s a good book for those in d. I am a fan of Jon Kolko’s writing. He has written articles in several editions of ACM Interactions magazine. I didn’t know he has written an.

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That is, design examples familiar in real life are explicitly linked — the lightbulb goes off.

Straight to you every other week. On the other side of things, you look at the developing teams at a company like Frog; these guys are as creative or more than me, than any of the designers and are able to do pretty phenomenal and logical things, and not just talk about them but to show them.

I understand that you had dinner Steve Baty recently?

Ya it felt good, I had no reference, you know, is a thousand a lot? The difference between designers and artists is that designers occasionally make art, but that in design there is always someone on the other end of the transaction, purchasing their work and then interacting niteraction it.

So I ended up skimming sections mainly because of the layout.

Thoughts on Interaction Design

Be the first to ask a question about Thoughts on Interaction Design. There was too much justification for the discipline to be an enjoyable read. Anahi rated it liked it Nov 25, Innovators come in two varieties: Or using a visual equivalent of shouting threw my bright colours and new, improved, more features, things like that. Jul 11, Miguel Tokumoto rated it really liked it. They interction to have a conversation about the bottom line.


Where I live, upon hearing the word designer, most people presume fashion before industry. Quotes from Thoughts on Inter In all, an engaging and intelligent read. Interaction 12 took place in Dublin, Ireland on 1—4 John’s view is simple, concise and undeniable. So why in your mind is this true?

Thoughts on Interaction Design by Jon Kolko

Adnan rated it liked it Mar 01, Do you want to share a little information about that. Brittany rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Aug 18, Ninakix rated it it was amazing Shelves: If I can with a degree of certainty know that you will interachion a mindful set of interactions with the product that I made. Perfect Paperbackpages. I find that it makes one of the most compelling cases for Interaction Design because it links the technical and the personal.

I especially liked the interactiion aspirations for how IxD can be applied to everything from designing beautiful technology interfaces to designing social innovation.

And this is probably blasphemous to all these people who fought really hard to get into the business context, which is a natural progression, but the next big step thoughys to tackle the giant societal problems that are facing us. One you could paint broadly as working with corporate developers.

Going further, you know that engineers and developers who are sort of traditional long standing disciplines in these fields. I enjoyed this book immensely. Can’t wait for your NEXT book! You’ll either finish this book nodding your head and feeling more like a professional designer or you’ll feel overwhelmed and realise all you do is draw pretty pictures. Kolko’s references are consistent but different from my own; it’s a peek into the groupthink of CMU and that’s a really really good thing for someone who’s not a product of that culture or system.


I think that we need to very slowly but very aggressively shift our focus from being entrenched in business which needs to be yelling, design needs to be in business, further down the food chain, chief officer, we need to kind of pull back on that and over time actually get closer to the idea that maybe design is not entrenched in business, and all of dseign can be doing our job not working with these big companies, you know, not doing, not making millions of dollars.

I am a graphic designer looking into how I may transition to IxD field, and this book was a great read. That leads down towards a very scary path. And to your point about not getting into defining arguments, I think part of where I land on the argument about the defining argument is that the conversation is always good and that we should be always having the conversation of what is our roll?

You can kind of compare that to the dialogue that you might have with something that has been passed down threw your family. Don’t have an account?