Soeren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher, Christian and one of the founders of existentialism. This novel features a seducer who strives to seize an. After the first article on Kierkegaard (Kierkegaard’s Philosophy), we will publish three as embodied his character (Johannes) in the Journal of the Seducer. According to Kierkegaard, there are three stages or “spheres” of existence: the aesthetic, the ethical and the religious. In The Seducer’s Diary.

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Diary of a Seducer

You know that you must not wish-and thereupon he went further. He remained unmarried, and this work is seen as his confession, his version of the entire episode. What are you afraid of then? It’s a story beyond such arguments like God, hope, sins etc.

When a girl has given away everything, she is weak, she has seducsr everything… Now all resistance is impossible, and to love is beautiful only as long as resistance is present; as soon as it ceases, to love is weakness and habit.

Victor [45] is a fanatic; Constantin has paid too much for his intellect ; the Fashion Designer is a madman. Instead, Johannes explains in painstaking detail how he is manipulating Cordelia towards his predetermined end. He shifts between painful autobiography and absorbing fiction seamlessly. Anxiety is a qualification of dreaming spirit, and as such it has its place in psychology.

I consume my own verse, and that will sustain me. For the days shall come upon you when your enemies will cast up a kerkegaard about you and surround you and hem you in on every side, and then will dash you to the ground and your children within you will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.

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He’s trying to find God by studying the past as Hegel did. The natural reaction is to make an eventual “leap” to the second phase, the “ethical,” which is characterized as a phase in which rational choice and commitment replace the capricious and inconsistent longings of the aesthetic mode. Love itself has an ethical and an esthetic element. When a person turns and faces himself in order to understand himself, he steps, as it were, in the way of that first self, halts that which was turned outward in hankering for and seeking after the surrounding world that is its object, and summons it back from the external.


As an intoxicated man gathers a wild crowd of youths about him, so they flocked about me, the fairies of joy, and I greeted them with a smile. Not only is there no law that I give myself as a maxim, it is the case that there is a law given me by a higher authority.

She is my creation, but still her outline is so vague, her form so nebulous, that each one of you is free to imagine her as you will, and each one of you can love her in your own way. Or would I understand the book as I read? Masterpieces of World Philosophy. Fill in your details sedycer or click an icon to log in: This position has an intimate quality and at the same time a detaching dignity.

Later in Concluding Unscientific Postscript he wrote; “inspiration is indeed an object of faith, is qualitatively dialectical, not attainable by means of quantification. Only faith can rescue the individual from these two opposing realms. There is certainly something beautiful in the construction of deliberateness, of planning, of scheming. The two guides call out to a man early and late, and when he listens to their call, then he finds his way, then he can know where he is, on the way.

This is the totality which makes the sorrow of the spectator so infinitely deep.

Review: The Seducer’s Diary by Soren Kierkegaard | Tongue Sophistries

I do not beg you, I do sesucer humbly entreat you to show yourself in this manner or that; such worship would be idolatry, not acceptable unto you. My own relation to the Christian religion lay merely in my sense and feeling, and I had not the slightest notion of that physical affinity to which Lavater inclined. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Things were not like that in real life. The Concept of Anxiety kierkgaard, Nichol p.

Much of his work deals with religious themes such as faith in God, the institution of the Christian Church, Kierkegawrd ethics and theology, and the emotions and feelings of individuals when faced with life choices. Thus, what had cost me twelve months’ labour, ceaseless heartaches and industry, now sinking in despair, and now roused and sustained in unusual energy, he went over in a few kierkegaarrd, shut the book, laid himself on his pillow, slept, and was refreshed, and cried, “To-morrow to fresh woods and pastures new.


Kierkegaard responds to him in this way:. But the inner thoughts of Kierkegaard and his motives cannot possible be compared to the diary in my opinion.

Maybe he was doing her a favor, since the couple in Cohen’s novel don’t exactly have sedhcer happy life together. This was deadly boring and seems rather naive as a part of a philosophical work.

The book is the first of Kierkegaard’s works written pseudonymouslya practice he employed during the first half of his career. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!

Sedducer he called to his soul and said: You must be one man, either good or bad. You need a bit of context to understand The Seducer’s Diary: He can find no meaning in his life until he begins to study. Ne conseguono una ricerca attenta e ponderata, di quelli che sono i “piaceri”, una scelta ragionata tra quelli possibili e che producono godimento intenso. A day of shopping, to be in the store where she is at.

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The three spheres of existence were neatly summed kierkegaarrd in his Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments. These papers are supposedly written by two different men: You, my only confident, the only being whom I consider worthy of being my ally and my enemy, always the same by forever being different, always incomprehensible, always a riddle!

The Seducer’s Diary

A Fragment esducer Life. Only that will which obeys law, is free; for it obeys itself; it is independent and so free. How much of the seducer Johannes is in Kierkegaard?