In general, railroad track is consists of rail, rail joint, railroad tie and Non- ballasted track, also called ballastless track, is the railway track. The technical concept of a railway track consisting of ballast, sleepers, and rails is very old and has stood the test of time. Such a system is simple and can be. When the new high speed line Nüremberg-Ingolstadt is opened for service in , more than km of ballastless track will be in operation in Germany.

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Long life-span with practically no maintenance With a service life of at least ballaastless years and with little or no requirement for service or maintenance, a ballastless track offers great viability and unmatched cost effectiveness in high-speed operations.

From the existing S. Therefore, the board of DB AG decided in that, for all new high speed lines and upgraded lines to be constructed in Germany, the use of ballastless bwllastless has to be considered in the planning phase. The usual preventive maintenance is limited to rail grinding, since ballastlss is not necessary due to the absence of ballast. A ballastless track with a centre drain provides a low-maintenance, geometrically stable alternative.

Hence a fine cracking can be activated in a spacing of 0. However, ballastless tracks are provided in the case of underground railways due to other considerations. Such a system is simple and can be rapidly extended, renewed, or dismantled.

Theoretically, ballasted track is the creation of railway track development. Chinese Steel Rails Overview How to build a railway track? It is well known from highway construction that jointed concrete pavements with increasing slab length and decreasing thickness tend to curl railwzy temperature and moisture differentials, and often demonstrate pumping phenomena at joints.

For higher speeds, the construction of ballastlews ballastless track is required. The breaking of the ballast under the pressure exerted by the load causes geometrical unevenness and clogging of the ballast bed by fine particles.


The Rheda system consists of three layers: Curative maintenance beyond rail replacement is required only after several decades. You may also like: Theory of track buckling Meier – critical rail temperature raise to against neutral temperature. Vertical vibration velocity in ballast aggregates for structures with different resilient fastenings.

This enables the railway to exploit the special advantages baklastless the slab track structure in a much better way.

Comparison of Ballasted Track and Non-Ballasted Track

Horizontal efforts are transmitted to the ground by a steel stopper or fastening system, made of two concentric cylinders that slide along each other, allowing the free vertical movement of the slab. Tgack, for necessary reconstruction of a S. A ballastless track may be backfilled to the rail level to allow unimpeded access across the track access for vehicles.

Ballastless railway track design combines superior stability with an almost complete absence of deformation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Further disadvantages of ballastless tracks are the impossibility of adjusting or correcting track geometry once concrete has been set, the necessity of a stable infrastructure since no adjustments can be made to the superstructurehigher noise emissions, and longer repair times when the concrete slab is damaged e. Fouling of the ballast due to wind-blown sand is a major problei in arid areas. Related organisations Munich University of Ballastpess.

While numbers vary depending on construction ballastleess and track infrastructure ballastless tracks are generally more suitable to infrastructures that are also made of concrete, as is the case in tunnels or on viaductsthe Deutsche Bahn estimated in that construction costs of ballastless tracks are 40 percent higher than those of traditional superstructure. The use ballastlses a ballastless track for high-speed operations enables a more direct routing of train lines, with tighter radii and greater slopes.

For the first time, Deutsche Bahn Rzilway applied this new technology on a full section of track: By coupling the frames at the joints Figure 15 and notching the surface of the frames, a similar long-term behaviour can be expected as with continuously reinforced concrete slabs or the coupled slab track system in Karlsfeld.


As two common types of railroad track, ballasted track and non-ballasted track ballsatless have their merits.

PCM AG -Ballastless Track Systems

Sinceit has official German approval for high-speed applications. Frame shaped slab track development in Korea.

These benefits enable the reduction, or even elimination, of the costs of and the work required on civil engineering structures. Ballastless concrete slab tracks of different design are in revenue service for more than thirty years. Ever since then, this sector has experienced a fast development both in Switzerland and ballasless and this has led to the optimisation and search for several new solutions and applications.

Ballastless Tracks | Rubber components for railway industryREX Articoli Tecnici SA

This change of policy by the management of DB AG has spurred the road construction companies in Germany to develop new ballastless track structures 4. A decisive prospect of slab track is that the investment costs are not too high in comparison with the standard ballasted track. Ballasted track is commonly composed of steel rail, railroad tie, railway fasteners and ballast bed.

In Figure 16, the mean static rail deflection of different S. Essential for this structure is an accurately paved concrete slab.

Therefore, ballastless tracks must be concreted within a tolerance of 0. On the other hand, systems implemented with concrete supporting layers offer the selection among an optimal diversity of railwqy with homogeneous system structures.