The first stanza of the composition, featuring the eponymous line “Bhaja Govindam”, reads as follows. About the author Govindachandra Sahu illustrious son of Lokanath Sahu and Kashidevi born at Chatiya village of Jaipur district. He qualified B. Tech in Bhaja Govindam – Introduction. •. The basic purpose of human existence is to realize the Self. •. Adi Sankaracharya brought in the non-dual.

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Bhaja Govindam

Tech in and obtained M. The combined 31 are also termed as mohamudgaraH by some. These are nothing but a modification of flesh. Shankara understood that the majority of the world was also engaged in mere intellectual, sense pleasures and not in the divine contemplation.

But there is hardly anyone who wants to be lost in parabrahman. The statues arrived yesterday. Stanza attributed to yogAnanda. Stanza attributed to hastAmalaka. Shankara’s words seem to be quite govindak and seem to lack the softness and tenderness often found in his other texts, thus addressing directly.

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Having served at various key positions, and also achieving the highest position of Chief Engineer of Chief Engineer of Irrigation department, he retired sanskrir the year But no one at home cares to even have a word with him when his body totters due to old age.

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At the time of your death, Rules of grammar will not save you. He held other important positions such as a member of a taskforce to advice Government of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa in the construction of dams to mitigate the floods.

भज गोविन्दम्: Bhaj Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary

Swami Nikhilananda Paperback Edition: Fail not to remember this again and again in your mind. May the AchAryA guide us from ignorance to truth. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion Bhakti to God, Govinda, is a vastly important part of general spirituality, as emphasised by Bhakti Yoga and the Bhakti movement. Other than chanting the Lord’s names, there is no other way to cross the life’s ocean.


The composition consists of thirty-three verses. Retrieved from ” https: Why this engrossment in thoughts of wealth? Cast into hell, they suffer there endlessly. Subbulakshmi is very popular. In this prayer, Adi Shankaracharya emphasizes the importance of devotion for God as a means to spiritual development and to liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

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Look Inside the Book. Bhaja govindaM is one of the minor compositions of the spiritual giant, Adi Shankaracharya. Stanza attributed to dRiDhabhakti.

Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, oh fool! Stanza attributed to nityanAtha.

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