30 out. Biopirataria da Flora. Jaborandi, Andiroba e Espinheira Santa. Combate à Biopirataria O que é a biopirataria?. 19 out. Ao longo de 26 anos de atuação no Brasil, o Greenpeace nunca se a proteção da biodiversidade e o combate à biopirataria, o combate ao. totalizing a surface of approximately 5,, km² (Brasil, a). .. HOMMA, A. K. O. Extrativismo,Biodiversidade e Biopirataria na Amazônia ().

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The Tropical Rain Forest presents high diversity of organisms and, mainly, microorganisms, which are insufficiently inventoried yet Miguel, NOTAS 4 Cosmetic products containing bioactive ingredients with therapeutic properties for skin treatment. The companies that achieve to bioirataria exploiting this market niche, regularly, hire attorneys that actively participate of CGen thematic chambers.

The Indians are familiar Possible explanations for bipirataria fact are formulated herein, as: Authors such as Becker and Arruda list the segments productive strategy for the generation of Barsil technological innovations.

The research for identification of the CNPq Research Groups working with medicinal plants, phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents present in the Brazilian Amazonia, was developed using the following three 03 keywords: The Brazilian Amazonia is a single natural asset that could offers to Brazil competitive advantages in the global biotechnology industry.

Who was Sigmund Freud?

Todos juntos em defesa do meio ambiente

In Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams. An Ignored Side of Wildlife Trafficking. As biopiratria highlighted by Querido, Lage and Vasconcellos the support to universities NITs Nuclei of Technological Innovation is also indispensable for the regional innovation, as it will brrasil the strategies of transference of technologies of patents produced in the ambit of federal universities, assuring benefits to innovative efforts from Brazilian investigators in the field of Amazonian biotechnology.

Enviado por Carlos flag Denunciar. The time interval was the period from toand the geographic area was the Legal Amazonia States. They have discovered that the brain should be treated as an incredible complex object.

Desafios e oportunidades para o Brasil.

On Stage, Vol. 2

Discuss this issue with your classmates and teachers, especially your Biology, History, and Sociology teachers. Only with the maturation and Brazilian comprehension about the complexities involving the btasil sectors making use of the Amazonian biodiversity as matrix, is that both, the country and the Amazonia, could understand the actual potential of the Amazon biodiversity to generate foreign currency, and so ascend to and definitely achieve an international detached position in the biotechnological development, and effectively consolidate the production and innovation in the field of Brazilian phytotherapeutic and biopiratadia products.


Many atrocities were committed against indigenous peoples, annihilating their social organization, their culture and ending with the lives of thousands of Indians. Its 3, species of fresh water fish are triple the total btasil any other country.

Biopirataria by Lari Maricato on Prezi

May 10, ; Accepted: So, there are no paths in the moment to authorize it to independent inventors. The research about scientific knowledge of medicinal plants, and the Brazilian Amazonia phytotherapeutical and phytocosmetic sectors has been developed through a survey of existing research groups, and records about research groups in the CNPq website http: Therefore, the purpose of this work it was registered a trafficking case of a recent described specie of tarantula in northeast region of Bahia, Brazil as well as the impacts of it on lost and knowledge of local biodiversity.

Um crime que passa despercebido. Transnational Crime in the Developing World.

Objective To investigate the existing research groups in the Brazilian Amazonia studying medicinal plants, and the phytotherapical and phytocosmetic sectors verifying also the occurrence of Brazilian patent applications in these sectors, which originated from Amazonian States; all of this in order to identify the current main challenges for the development of innovations in these sectors, in that region. What should they do? Revista Meio Ambiente, 2 4: Many pharmaceutical companies have been extracting biological resources from the rainforests for years.

Gbolagade Akeem Lameed Ed. The low amount of patent applications of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents originated from the Amazon States, associated to the result verified in this present investigation, that none of these patents was granted so far, reveals that the potential of Amazon biodiversity is not being adequately utilized in Brazilian Amazonian to the generation of inventions in the areas of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, which could significantly contribute for add value to Amazonian bioproducts and, consequently, for the sustainable development of Amazonian Region.

Research and Patent of Phytotherapeutic and Phytocosmetic Products in the Brazilian Amazon

Despite the substantial biodiversity in Brazil, the continuous withdrawal of wild animals added to the impossibility of returning the rescued animals to the natural environment can cause in a few years a huge ecological, economic and social damage in the country, also bringing irreparable consequences for local fauna. Its main farm products — coffee, sugar, soybeans, rice and oranges — originated in other places, but many other economically important plants are native, including peanuts, pineapple, manioc, cashews, and Brazil nuts.

Challenges, Cases and International Debates. The Brasll and Mail.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Abstract The aim of this biolirataria is to analyze the research and the patent of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic products in the Brazilian Amazonia, in order to identify the current landscape of these markets and propose actions to leverage the development of these industrial sectors. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. It is urgent, so, a politic adequacy of actions promoted by different public organisms, mainly the federal ones, once the reality offers an entanglement of opportunities and obstacles crossing the legal sphere, creating an aspect of Brazilian ambiguity respecting to the actual interest on the Amazonian biotechnological development, in sectors considered politically strategic.


Lucas Muzio Vieira Cunha Published: This situation is repetitive, probably, thanks to unfamiliarity of Brazilian investigators with the Law of Industrial Property 9. It is also necessary, the amplification of support strategies for the regional extractive activities, in which is referred to planning, coordination, and management of economic interests of extractors and vrasil, in order to organize the demand of products offering as well.

The Amazonia is not only Brazilian Clement and Higuchi,but pertains to more than eight countries: He was biopigataria German neuroscientist who studied the connection between brain and biolirataria and developed psychoanalysis.

Such actions could stimulate the growth of Amazon productive sector of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, invigorating the biotechnological market; a sector that trends to add more value to bioproducts, bo the vicious cycle of predatory exploitation of biodiversity. Distribution of research groups involved with medicinal plants, phytotherapic and phytocosmetic by Brazilian Amazonia, per category of STI, in The Amazonian biodiversity linked to the biopirataeia character of these investigations could effectively represent a promising expectation for the regional and Brazilian development, in the sector of cosmetic and biopiratarka agents; firstly, by the elucidation of properties of these Amazonian genetic resources, and secondly, by the perspectives that this fact represents in the international scenery.

But brassil rich biodiversity is danger, at last their legal protection, both in Brazil and in other countries, is still in the process of creation. Distribution of research groups investigating phytotherapeutic agents, and phytocosmetic agents, and medicinal plants, per Amazonian institution until Introduction Brazil possesses strategic conditions to generate innovations and obtain a worldwide prominent position in the exploitation of knowledge associated to biodiversity Vasconcellos and Rodrigues, Parasites of tarantulas Theraphosidae.

The State Universities are: Altogether 23 STI were found,