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Johnson May 22, Grosbeak, Alaska pine, Brwonsville I in us fulrn. Breeding abundantly on the treeless slopes and in the small grassy mountain valleys on the west side of Iliamna Pass, where one specimen was taken July By great good fortune, tera, a small schooner, which had been reported lost, suddenly ai peared, and passage wjis engaged to Igagik.

Extensive marshes Iwrder the lulf shore irregularly as far west as Port Lavaca, and recur at intervals, niainlv near the mouths of the streams, to the Kio Cirande. Mean- while the young one, with feathers ruflied and head thrown slightly back, fluttered about, making frequent stops, while it kept up a plain- tive cry, accompanied by a fretful expression about all its movements which reminded me of a wilful child.

Many such families of young of various ttebra


Sorez Microsorez ezimius Osgood. Homed owls are only fairly common in the region traversed.

Our specimens are much smaller than typical Zapua A. This overlapping between the Hudsonian and Arctic zones is minimized by the difference in external conditions other than temperature. One had 4 small mullets in its stonuuh, another some fiddler crabs. From this point on to the upper Chulitna River rohins were seldom seen, though once in a great while we heard thcMr ftmiliar note. It -; doubtless breeds commonly in the region, but was not found by us i owing to our late arrival.

Bubo Tirginianui algistus Oberh.

tebra – Comic Art Classifieds Results – Page 1

The collection contains specimens of this eastern species of the whip-tailed lizard from Waskom, Long Lake, Nacogdoches, Henri- etta, Canadian, and Padre Island. H Gallinago delicata Ord. Ill rif I ‘.

Scoters were common at Cold Bay, and specimens of this species were killed while we were there. Palmer, Birds Pribilof Ids. Two specimens were taken by McKay at Ugashik September 20, Tracks were frequently seen in soft mud along the narrow course of the south branch of the Chulitna.

As you can see, I already have numerous pieces finished. The coast of the Alaska Peninsula from Iliamna Bay westward was formerly much frequented by sea febra.

McKajat Lake Aleknagik September 2, The course up Itecharof Lake wad along the south tebrra, and at no time was it more than a half mile from the beach.



Cncm idoph orux tcxxeUatuJt. Along the boundary line between two zones where there are no important controlling factors except temperature, there is usually a belt in which occurs an overlapping of animal forms. A few small flocks were seen at other points, but at rather long intervals.

The largest flocks were of about birds each. By a strange coincidence, the same native who, as a young man, accom- panied McKay on this trip, went with us from Lake Clark to Swan Lake, and related to us various incidents of the trip made twenty years before.

Sa grownsville in n iyricans. Prairie-dog burrow enlarged by badger, Pecos Valley The short-eared owl, as well as most other species of the coast region, was met some 25 miles above Nushagak, and was seen in con- nderable numbers.

Brownsville – Page 17, in Guy BCaps’s Tebra Original Artwork Comic Art Gallery Room

Rosso- Asiat, I, pp. Lemming, Nelson pied, S7. A pair and two young able to fly were found in possession of an islet near the middle of Lake Clark.